"Irit Productions” is one of the leading companies in Bar\Bat Mitzvah ceramonies at the western wall.
Our company began to focus on producing Bar / Bat Mitzvah events in 2006, and to the present faithfully and successfully
accompanied hundreds of families in emotional and impressive ceremonies.
We invite you to join us and be part of an exciting and unforgettable experience.



About the event:


What we give to those celebrating with us:
Invitations designed for distribution to all guests of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall.


a Luxurious and well-equipped bus, from the leading, advanced and safe companies in israel will
be available from the beginning of the day untill its end.
The common Assembly and the bus trip gives a wonderful opportunity to unite a family and a real celebration,
freeing the visitors from driving and gives solution to the lack of parking spaces in the city of Jerusalem.



On the way we will stop for a delicious and diverse breakfast in a pastoral place at a special cozy outdoors cafe,,
in Sha'ar Hagai.The place provides a solution for the winter rains and the scorching sun in summer.
Charming areas, lawns and deck chairs for guests who got up early.
Upon reaching the place you will be welcomed by the production teams playing music and singing.
Breakfast is varied and rich and complex a variety of sandwiches, salads, a wide choice of vegetables, pickles,
dips, fruit, pastries, hot and cold drinks and more.For those interested in the meal can be upgraded to include: eggs,
burekas, G'hnonim, pies, tortillas, cheese platters, focaccia and pizza baked in the oven, place and more.
During breakfast and throughout the day linked to us a photographer will document the event of family photos and
video footage.



Activity during the trip:
After we ate, was filmed and sang we'll be headed to Jerusalem.
Taking advantage of togetherness on the bus for singing, amusements, contests and games and of course a
variety of surprises will delight visitors.



We will stop for a spectacular view and impressive overlooking the Jerusalem neighborhood of the city center
,through the old town to the desert landscape of the valley and the outskirts of the Dead Sea. A breathtaking
panoramic view.



Street theater show:
Giving maximum attention to the bar mitzvah boy.
We shall start by singing cheerfuly and continue by watching the emergence of street theater actor experienced
and competent show will present a surprising and funny about the bar mitzvah boy
The bar mitzvah boy never before experienced such initiation.
We conclude the end of the show in a unique and exciting ceremony, attended by all the celebrants led by actor.



The balloons ceremony:
A unique and impressive ceremony, where in wich blue and white helium balloons are released into the sky.
During the ceremony, we will give the bar mitzvah boy our congratulations and wishes to continue living in
the adults world.



The Western Wall:
The title is a big emotional ceremony, meaningful and important at the Western Wall
The arrival in the Old City of Jerusalem will advance us to a wonderful team of drummers with a
canopy and shofars. That will give shivers to every one of the celebrants.
It is a well known parade of joy by "Irit productions" when we are surrounded by drummers and the
sounds of the shofar we will march leapt with joy to the Western Wall.



The ceremony at the Western Wall
Welcome to a one-time celebration in the life of The bar mitzvah boy - celebration that gets etched into
memory as an adult living throughout.
A cantor mooving greets us and will hold a flourish “calling to the Torah” and tefillin ceremony.
Accompanied by singing, dancing, blessings and granting a special certificate on parchment by a scribe.



"Irit Productions" is in close contact with thirty kosher restaurants in Jerusalem, We know how to find the
right place that is suitable for you in terms of style and the amount of budget.



Home happily:
We'll be heading for home while the heart is full of new experiences, joy and light.


We can not wait to meet with you on the day of your joy

Irit Productions